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George Pendleton Prize (Book)

This annual award is given for an outstanding major publication, on the federal government’s history produced by or for a federal history program. The Pendleton Prize is given to an individual author or to principal collaborators. The type of work eligible and the criteria that judges will apply for quality are identical to those for the Adams Prize. The Pendleton Prize has the additional requirement that the publication nominated must have been produced by a federal historian(s) or for a federal history program, including history offices in the federal agencies and history-related programs in other federal entities.

In addition to the General Requirements, nominated works must have been published in the calendar year immediately preceding the Spring awards. One copy of the publication, accompanied by a brief letter stating the qualifications and merits of the nominated work, should be mailed to each member of the Adams/Pendleton Committee by November 30:

  1. Jessie Kratz, 904 I St. SE, Washington, DC, 20003
  2. Zack Wilske, 328 11th St. SE, Unit 1, Washington, DC, 20003
  3. Kristin Mattice 220 20th St S, Apt 408, Arlington, VA, 22202

The Pendleton Prize commemorates Ohio Senator George H. Pendleton, sponsor of the 1883 civil service reform act that bears his name.


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