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THE FEDERALIST Newsletter, Spring 2014

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SPRING 2014, Issue 41

• Society Conference in Shepherdstown

President Truman and students

President Truman and students

• Trask Lecture:  Charlene Bickford

• President’s Message, David McMillen

Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman

• SHFG Awards 2014

• The History Professional:  Interview with Samuel W. Rushay, Jr. of the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

• History Office Profile:  Air Force Historical Research Agency, Mary D. Dysart

• From the Archives:  Directory of Federal Historical Programs and Activities

• International Research Portal

• “Making Their Mark: Stories Through Signatures” Exhibit

• FOIA Matters

• Explorations: Investigations in Federal History Work.  Thomas I. Faith, Benjamin Guterman

• Making History: A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide

• Calendar: Conferences of interest to historians


WINTER 2013-14, Issue 40

•  Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman

Scholarship and Partnerships Forum

Scholarship and Partnerships Forum

• Scholarship and Partnerships Forum

• Hewlett Lecture: Margo Anderson

• President’s Message, David McMillen

• Editing Documents in the 21st Century, Beth Luey

• Federal Records of Puerto Rico, Dennis Riley

• The History Professional: Interview with Jeffrey G. Barlow

• History Office Profile: The U.S. Navy’s Ship Model Program, Dana Wegner

• From the Archives, Chas Downs

• Explorations: Investigations in federal history work.  Thomas I. Faith, Benjamin Guterman

• Review of Best of Both Worlds, by G. Wayne Clough

• Making History: A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.

• Calendar: Conferences of interest to historians


FALL 2013, Issue 39

•  Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman

NPS American Latino Heritage Initiative, Paloma Bolasny

In Memoriam, Dick Myers

• Preserving the “Iraqi Jewish Archive,” Doris A. Hamburg

Managing Forest Service History, Rachel Kline

The History Professional, An interview with Victoria A. Harden, former Historian of Office of NIH History

FOIA Matters

History Office Profile, U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office, Christopher Havern

From the Archives. Chas Downs looks at SHFG’s Membership Program, 1995

Explorations:  Investigations in federal history work. Benjamin Guterman, Thomas I. Faith, Mattea Sanders

Making History: A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.

Federalist Calendar:  Conferences of interest to historians

Summer 2013, Issue 38

Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman

DOCUMERICA Photography Project. Curator Bruce I. Bustard explains the new exhibit at the National Archives.

Organizing Testimonies. Max D. Baumgarten explains his project for maximizing indexing capabilities in oral history collections.

The History Professional, An interview with Robert S. Arrighi, historian at NASA’s Glenn Research Center.

History Office Profile, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Historical Office, by Jon T. Hoffman

From the Archives. Chas Downs looks at SHFG’s successful 1996 Museum Exhibit Standards Committee.

Digital History. Tali Beesley offers three suggestions of online resources.

Howard Wine in one of the PSL’s chambers on 16 April 1962. Cover: Pursuit of Power (NASA C–1962–60068)

Records and Research, Exxon Valdez Records. Newly available records.

The Vietnam Cauldron, by Michael B. Petersen, Review by Benjamin Guterman

Explorations. Investigations in federal history work. Making History. A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.

SPRING 2013 Articles, Issue 37

Editor’s Note. Benjamin Guterman

SHFG–OHMAR Joint Conference. An overview of the successful April 4–5 conference, with images of selected sessions.

Portion of page from Journal of Field Explorations by Edward A. Chapin for the Smithsonian Institution – volume 2, Colombia, 1942 (2011-0403). Smithsonian Institution Archives. Acc 11-085, Box 1, Volume 2.

Pete Daniel Receives the Roger R. Trask Award. Summary of Dr. Daniel’s lecture and contributions to federal history work.

SHFG Conference Awards. A pictorial summary of SHFG’s awards for 2013, presented at the recent conference.

Field Books at the Smithsonian Institution. Lesley Parilla discusses the variety and range of expedition field books at the Smithsonian, as an introduction to the current project to digitize and index the collections.

Historical Documentation in America’s National Parks. Kelly Spradley-Kurowski explains the National Park Service’s new program to improve the documentation and nomination of new properties within parks to the National Register of Historic Places and as National Historic Landmarks.

The History Professional. An Interview with Charlene Bangs Bickford, Director of the First Federal Congress Project at George Washington University

History Office Profile, Marine Corps History Division. Nicholas J. Schlosser introduces the mission and historical work of the History Division.

From the Archives, SHFG’s Drafting of Professional Standards, 1983–1985. Charles Downs relates the story of how SHFG drafted its standards for federal historians, including the pivotal work of Marty Reuss, a historian at the Army Corps of Engineers.  

Digital History, History Timelines and Tools to Create Them. Tali Beesley reviews some innovative online presentations of history timelines and then recommends some sites that provide templates.

Making History. A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.

WINTER 2012-2013 Articles, Issue 36

Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman

Federal Records Workshop. Matt Wasniewski describes our successful research workshop held at the National Archives in Washington, DC, in February 2013 that hosted students and professionals.

Archeology of a Tailrace, Harpers Ferry Armory. Archeologist J.P. Ebersole relates how recent National Park Service field work at the armory uncovered revealing evidence of how water power was used there in the early 1800s.

Hawaiian Identity at Fort Vancouver. Archeologist Douglas C. Wilson describes ongoing excavation and discovery at Fort Vancouver that improves our understanding of Hawaiian laborers and others at the fort.

The History Professional. An interview with curator Stacey Bredhoff of the John F. Kennedy Library on the challenges of federal museum work and her new exhibit on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

History Office Profile, Smithsonian Institutional History Division. Pamela M. Henson describes the work of the division and how it both records and supports the work of historians and others in the diverse range of Smithsonian offices.

From the Archives. Charles Downs recalls the lecture by renowned historian Forrest C. Pogue at the Society’s Fourth Hewlett Lecture in September 1983.

Digital History, Review of U.S. House website. Tali Beesley reviews the new U.S. House of Representatives website that provides access to the collections of both the Office of the Historian and Clerk of the House’s Office of Art and Archives.

Book Review. Benjamin Guterman reviews UNEXCEPTIONAL, America’s Empire in the Persian Gulf, 1941–2007, by Marc J. O’Reilly, 2008.

• Making History. A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.

FALL 2012 Articles, Issue 35:

Hewlett Lecture, October 2012 Our annual event featured a revealing panel discussion that highlighted the challenges of federal recordkeeping. A report and comments from attendees discuss what ideas emerged about preserving vital federal records and the role of the federal historian.

Annual Conference Announcement: A joint meeting by the Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG) and Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region (OHMAR), April 4–5, 2013.

African American Marines: Nicholas J. Schlosser reports on the efforts of the Marine Corps History Division to celebrate their ongoing legacy and contributions.

The FBI History Office: A Federal History Office Profile by FBI Historian John Fox

Katyn Forest Massacre Documents Release: The latest news on documents related to the massacre of Polish officers by Russian forces in World War II.

History Graduates and the Employment Marketplace: A study by Laura J. Sweeney

From the Archives: SHFG Archivist Charles Downs reports on SHFG’s 1995 confrontation with CBS News

Making History. A roundup of news from federal history offices, nationwide.


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