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Issue 8, 2016


Cover:  Left to right:  Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and George Ball in a National Security meeting on November 23, 1963 (Lyndon B. Johnson Library)

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Editor’s Note

— Benjamin Guterman

Roger R. Trask Lecture

Federal History in the Digital Age
Victoria A. Harden


The History Professional

An Interview with Elizabeth B. White, USHMM


Seeking a Second Opinion: Robert McNamara’s Distrust of the U.S. Intelligence Community During Operation Rolling Thunder
Thomas A. Reinstein


The National Nanotechnology Initiative Approach to Environment, Health, and Safety: A Model for Future Science Investments
Brandi L. Schottel and Barbara Karn


The S&L Crisis in its Earliest Days: Banking Reform Rhetoric in the Johnson and Nixon Years
Dustin R. Walker


Advance to the “Fighting Lines”: The Changing Role of Women Telephone Operators in France During the First World War
Jill Frahm


Research and Resources

Special Examiners: Records of the Bureau of Pensions’ Efforts to Combat Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, 1862–1933
Claire Prechtel-Kluskens





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