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Newsletter of the Society for History in the Federal Government

The Federalist newsletter prints news of recent activities of the Society, its membership, and of important projects and issues affecting federal history programs. The Second Series of the newsletter commenced with the Spring 2004 issue, and is sent quarterly to Society members. Issues one-year-old and older are available online. Each issue’s table of contents is listed below with a link to the issue.

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Benjamin Guterman, Editor
Phone: 202-357-5026

Table of Contents

•  Current issue contents

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»» Second Series, No. 39, Fall 2013

  1. The National Park Service’s American Latino Heritage Initiative, Paloma Bolasny
  2. President’s Message, David McMillen
  3. Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman
  4. In Memoriam—Richard F. Myers
  5. Preserving the “Iraqi Jewish Archive,” Doris A. Hamburg
  6. New Approaches to Managing Forest Service History, Rachel Kline
  7. The History Professional: Interview with Victoria A. Harden
  8. FOIA Matters
  9. From the Archives: The Membership Issue, Chas Downs
  10. History Office Profile: The U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office, Christopher Havern
  11. Explorations: Thomas I. Faith, Benjamin Guterman, Mattea Sanders
  12. Making History
  13. Federalist Calendar

»» Second Series, Number 38, Summer 2013

  1. DOCUMERICA and Farm Security Administration Photography, Bruce I. Bustard
  2. President’s Message, David McMillen
  3. Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman
  4. Organizing Testimonies in the Digital Age, Max D. Baumgarten
  5. The History Professional: AN Interview with Robert S. Arrighi
  6. History Office Profile: Office of the Secretary of Defense Historical Office, Jon T. Hoffman
  7. From the Archives: The Museum and Exhibits Standards Committee, Chas Downs
  8. Keeping Up With Digital History, Tali Beesley
  9. National Museum of the U.S. Air Force’s New Fourth Building
  10. Records & Research: EXXON Valdez Oil Spill Records
  11. Book Review: The Vietnam Cauldron: Defense Intelligence in the War for Southeast Asia (2012), by Michael B. Petersen — Reviewed by Benjamin Guterman
  12. Explorations
  13. Making History

»» Second Series, Number 37, Spring 2013

  1. Pete Daniel Deliver the Roger R. Trask Award
  2. President’s Message, Marc Rothenberg
  3. Editor’s Note, Benjamin Guterman
  4. SHFG-OHMAR Shows Benefits of Cooperation, Kate Scott and Kathleen Johnson
  5. Conference Awards
  6. The Diversity of Field Books at the Smithsonian Institution, Lesley Parilla
  7. Preserving Our Shared History: Historical Documentation in America’s National Parks, Kelly Spradley-Kurowski
  8. The History Professional: Interview with Charlene Bangs Bickford
  9. History Office Profile:  The Marine Corps History Division, Nicholas J. Schlosser
  10. History Timelines and Tools to Create Them, Tali Beesley
  11. FOIA Matters
  12. From the Archives: SHFG’s Drafting of Professional Standards, 1983–1985, Charles Downs
  13. Making History
  14. Federalist Calendar

»» Second Series, No. 36, Winter 2012-2013

  1. Society Hosts Successful Federal Records Workshop, Matt Wasniewski
  2. President’s Message, Marc Rothenberg
  3. The Archeology of A Tailrace: Water Power and the Harpers Ferry Armory, J. P. Ebersole
  4. Hawaiian Identity in the Pacific Northwest at Fort Vancouver, Douglas C. Wilson
  5. The History Professional: An Interview with Stacey Bredhoff, Kennedy Library
  6. FOIA Matters
  7. History Office Profile, Smithsonian Institutional History Division, Pamela M. Henson
  8. From the Archives: Forrest C. Pogue: Pioneer in Military History, Charles Downs
  9. Digital History, Review of U.S. House of Representatives History Website: Example of Seamless Integration, Tali Beesley
  10. Book Review of Unexceptional, by Marc J. O’Reilly, Reviewed by Benjamin Guterman
  11. Making History

Second Series, Number 35, Fall 2012

  1. Hewlett Lecture: The Challenges of Federal Recordkeeping
  2. President’s Message, Marc Rothenberg
  3. Annual Conference Announcement: A joint meeting SHFG and OHMAR
  4. Recognizing African American Service in the Marine Corps,  Nicholas J. Schlosser
  5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation History Program, John Fox
  6. Katyn Forest Massacre Documents Release
  7. History Graduates and the Employment Marketplace, Laura J. Sweeney
  8. From the Archives: When SHFG Confronted CBS News
  9. Making History

Second Series, Number 34, Summer 2012

  1. “Ethically Impossible”: Investigating the PHS/Guatemala STD Scandal, by Paul A. Lombardo
  2. John Cutler Papers, by Robert Richards
  3. President’s Message, by Marc Rothenberg
  4. History Office Profile: Combat Studies Institute, by Anthony Carlson, Michael Doidge, and Ryan Wadle
  5. Teaching Military History, by Brian F. Neumann
  6. FOIA Matters
  7. From the Archives, by Charles Downs
  8. Book Review of  Oral History and Public Memories, by Benjamin Guterman
  9. Making History

Second Series, Number 33, Spring 2012

  1. 2012 SHFG Conference at College Park
  2. President’s Message, by Matt Wasniewski
  3. Ray Smock Delivers Keynote Trask Lecture
  4. SHFG Annual Awards
  5. History Office Profile: The Naval History and Heritage Command
  6. Planning the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission Consortium by Daniel Barbiero
  7. From the Archives: Securing Our Nonprofit Status, by Charles Downs
  8. Making History

Second Series, Number 32, Winter 2011-2012

  1. Extracting Science from History, by David F. Winkler
  2. President’s Message, by Matt Wasniewski
  3. From the Archives: The Archives II Users Group, by Charles Downs
  4. FRUS Sesquicentennial Research: Discovering Our Past, by William McAllister
  5. Army Establishes a New Career Program, by Richard Stewart
  6. The Arlington Cemetery Project, by Roderick Gainer
  7. History Office Profile: The Department of State’s Office of the Historian: A Time for Celebration, Reflection, and Innovation, by Ambassador Edward Brynn
  8. Making History

Second Series, Number 31, Fall 2011

  1. Historian as Editor: The Correspondence of James K. Polk, by Michael David Cohen
  2. President’s Message, by Matt Wasniewski
  3. The Future of Preserving the Past: Perspectives from the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, by Trevor Owens
  4. National Cemetery Administration History Program: 10th Anniversary, by Sara Amy Leach
  5. New Perspectives on the U.S. House of Representatives: Oral History and Electronic Technology, by Albin J. Kowalewski
  6. Fellowships in Federal History: National Archives Announce s Peter Shulman the Recipient of the First Legislative Archives Fellowship
  7. From the Archives: Dennis Roth’s 10-Year History of the Society for History in the Federal Government, by Charles Downs
  8. Federal History Office Profile: Federal History at the Social Security Administration, by Larry DeWitt
  9. Making History

Second Series, Issue 30, Summer 2011

  1. CIA’s Historical Review Program: Where the Past Becomes Declassified by Peter Nyren
  2. President’s Message by Matt Wasniewski
  3. Executive Council News
  4. C&O Canal Quarters: Unlocking the Doors to One of America’s Treasured Places by Angela R. Sirna and Sam Tamburro
  5. Sharing America’s History: National Park Service Collections On-Line at by Joan Bacharach
  6. A Militia, a Medical College, and a Judge: Winchester, Virginia’s, Connections to John Brown’s Raid by Ann Denkler and Daniel J. Radomski
  7. Federal History Office Profile: Update on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration History Office by Suzanne Junod
  8. Proceedings of the 1933 Special Industrial Recovery Board Now on the Department of Labor’s Historical Office Web Site
  9. From the Archives: The SHFG Archives by Charles Downs
  10. The Tully Archive by Benjamin Guterman
  11. Making History

Second Series, Issue 29, Spring 2011

  1. 2011 Conference Held at Archives II–Cantelon Delivers Keynote Trask Lecture
  2. President’s Message, by Pete Daniel
  3. Cantelon Receives Trask Award
  4. SHFG Awards Luncheon
  5. Federal History Office Profile: National Security Agency
  6. Digital History Notes
  7. From the Archives, by Charles Downs
  8. Making History

Second Series, Issue 28, Winter 2010-2011

  1. How History Tours Can Inspire Agencies and Promote Historical Appreciation, by James Garber
  2. President’s Message, by Pete Daniel
  3. The Army History Program, by Jeffrey Clarke
  4. Federal History Office Profile: Relaunching the National Science Foundation History Program, by Marc Rothenberg
  5. Ferriero Delivers 2010 Hewlett Lecture: Highlights Technology as Tool to Make Records More Accessible
  6. From the Archives: History Programs in the News, 1985, by Charles Downs
  7. The OGIS Report on First-Year Progress, by Benjamin Guterman
  8. Making History
  1. A New Classroom: From the Lecture Hall to the United States Senate by Kate Scott
  2. President’s Message by Pete Daniel
  3. Capturing the Spirit of History: Oral History in the National Park Service by Lu Ann Jones
  4. The Supreme Court’s Office of the Curator: A Short History by Matthew Hofstedt
  5. The Smithsonian Institution and Hillwood Estate: A Unique Relationship by Amy Ballard
  6. The Benefits of Community Outreach: The Asian Pacific American Collection’s Primary Holdings Initiative by Remé Grefalda
  7. Internships in Federal History: American Folklife Center
  8. From the Archives by Charles Downs
  9. Making History
  1. The Infrastructure of a New U.S. Marshals Museum by David S. Turk
  2. President’s Message by Pete Daniel
  3. The U.S. Army Center of Military History by Richard W. Stewart
  4. The Artist’s View of Army History: The Army Art Collection by Matt Seelinger
  5. An Interview with David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States by Benjamin Guterman
  6. Referencing NASA History by Gail Langevin, Jane Odom, and Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
  7. Voices from the Forest: Oral Histories in the U.S. Forest Service by Donna Sinclair
  8. Preservation of Email Collections at the Smithsonian Institution Archives by Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig
  9. From the Archives: The Long Range Planning Committee by Charles Downs
  10. Internships in Federal History
  11. In Memoriam, Jonathan Grossman
  12. Declassification Watch
  13. Making History
  1. Second Annual Award and Conference Highlights
  2. President’s Message by Mike Reis
  3. From Bagdad, to Washington, to Lillehammer by Lee Ann Potter
  4. SHFG Announces Prizes at Annual Awards Luncheon
  5. Targeted Collection of Army National Guard Records by Lieut. Colonel Robert G. Smith
  6. Internships in Federal History
  7. From the Archives: SHFG’s Awards Program by Charles Downs
  8. In Memoriam, Peter A. Kraemer
  9. Making History
  1. “The National Museum of the Marine Corps” by Lin Ezell
  2. “President’s Message” by Mike Reis
  3. “From the Archives: The SHFG T-shirts” by Charles Downs
  4. “Promoting ‘Sound Sentiment’ During World War I” by Linda L. Stinson
  5. In Memoriam: William C. Baldwin
  6. “The Tip of the History Spear: Capturing Combat History of the Army in Current Operations” by David Hanselman
  7. Internships in Federal History
  8. “Secretary Rice ‘Hero’ of FRUS Crisis, Says Lewis at Hewlett Lecture”
  9. Making History
  1. “Call to Order: Gavels in the House of Representatives” by Farar Elliott
  2. “President’s Message” by Mike Reis
  3. “Using Electronic Records for Federal History: Famine or Feast?” by Michael Warner
  4. “Henry Clay’s Lost Election” by Terrance Rucker
  5. “Life as a Command Historian” by Maria Christina “MC” Mairena
  6. “Indian Health Service History Project” by Alan J. DellaPenna, Jr.
  7. “The Kitchen Debate and American Public Diplomacy” by Martin J. Manning
  8. Internships in Federal History
  9. In Memoriam: Stuart I. Rochester
  10. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  11. Making History
  1. “Documenting and Preserving the History of the Bracero Program” by Stephen Velasquez
  2. “President’s Message” by Mike Reis
  3. “Forensic History in Superfund Counterclaims: The CERCLA Counterclaim at the Juncture of History and Environmental Law” by Andrew Sorokowski
  4. “An Interview with Richard Baker” by Benjamin Guterman
  5. “Rediscovering 1934 and the PWAP” by Ann Prentice Wagner
  6. “Conducting Census 2010 Offers Some Old Challenges” by William Maury
  7. “The Treasury Historical Association: Preserving U.S. Treasury History” by Franklin Noll
  8. Internships in Federal History
  9. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  10. Making History
  1. “SHFG Holds 30th Annual Conference; Keynote Speaker Roger Launius Receives Trask Award”
  2. “President’s Message” by Lee Ann Potter
  3. “SHFG Announces 2009 Awards”
  4. Internships in Federal History
  5. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  6. “VA’s Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibit Hits the Road” by Darlene Richardson
  7. Making History
  1. “National Museum of the U.S.Army” by Glen Williams
  2. “President’s Message” by Lee Ann Potter
  3. “Navy’s Senior Historian Retires” by Michael Crawford
  4. “Breitman Delivers Hewlett Lecture”
  5. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  6. “Nothing Lost in Translation” by Kathryn Wellen
  7. Internships in Federal History
  8. Making History
  1. “House Concurrent Resolution 307” by Robin Reeder
  2. “President’s Message” by Lee Ann Potter
  3. “The Asian Pacific American Collection in the Library of Congress” by Remé Grefalda
  4. “The Teaching American History Program: Transforming K–12 History Education’s New Deal” by Margarita L. Melendez
  5. “Keeper of the Keys: Anniversary Review of the Marine Corps History Division” by Annette Amerman
  6. “The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: A Jewel in Panama” by Amy Ballard
  7. “Federal Quarantine of Women in Wartime America” by John Parascandola
  8. Internships in Federal History
  9. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  10. Making History
  11. Internships in Federal History
  1. “Improvements to Declassification Proposed by PIDB” by William C. Carpenter
  2. “President’s Message” by Lee Ann Potter
  3. “Art, Culture, and Government: Library of Congress Symposium Commemorates Roosevelt’s New Deal” by Nancy Groce
  4. “Legal and Ethical Issues in Oral History for the Federal Historian” by Pamela M. Henson
  5. “Preserving the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Past: The Historical Resource Center” by Franklin Noll
  6. “Documenting the History of the Underground Railroad” by Diane Miller
  7. “News from National Library of Medicine” by Philip M. Teigen
  8. “Revised Black Studies Microfilm Catalogue Now Available” by Benjamin Guterman
  9. “Life After Federal Employment” by Fred Beck
  10. Internships in Federal History
  11. “From the Archives” by Charles Downs
  12. Making History
  1. “2008 SHFG Conference Highlights Preservation, New Research”
  2. “President’s Message” by Bill Williams
  3. “In Memoriam”
  4. “SHFG Announces 2008 Awards”
  5. “Internships in Federal History”
  6. “Making History”
  7. “From the Archives”
  1. “The Veterans History Project: 50,000 and Counting” by Tom Wiener
  2. “President’s Message” by Bill Williams
  3. “Dr. Alfred Goldberg Retires” by John Lonnquest
  4. “Department of State Historians Host Scholarly Conference on U.S.–Soviet Relations in the Era of Détente, 1969–1976” by Evan Dawley
  5. “Planning and Implementing a Digitization Program: The MHI Experience” by Thomas Hendrix
  6. “A Different Way of Doing History: The US Army Combat Studies Institute and Contemporary Studies of Iraq and Afghanistan” by Donald Wright
  7. “SHFG Mentor Program” by Annette Amerman
  8. Internships in Federal History: Marine Corps History Division
  9. Making History
  1. “Brig. Gen. Carl W. Reddel Delivers Hewlett Lecture at SHFG Annual Dinner”
  2. “President’s Message” by Bill Williams
  3. “Changes at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum” by Timothy Naftali
  4. “Creating Exhibits that Matter” by Harry R. Rubenstein
  5. “An Early Victim of Anthrax” by Joe Wallace
  6. “The Beginning of the Smithsonian’s Newest Museum” by Amy Ballard
  7. “Secrets of a Public Building: 1951 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC” by Hunter Hollins
  8. Making History
  1. “21st Annual NARA Preservation Conference” by Richard Schneider
  2. “President’s Message” by Bill Williams
  3. “Some Preservation Conference Highlights” by Benjamin Guterman
  4. “The Curator’s Perspective: Susan Bachrach, Bruce Bustard, Harry R. Rubenstein” by Benjamin Guterman
  5. “Using Civic Engagement to Address History’s Difficult Lessons” by Ann Hitchcock
  6. “NARA’s Challenges with Modern Records” by Arian D. Ravanbakhsh
  7. “The Process of Writing “River of Interests: Water Management in South Florida and the Everglades, 1948–2000”” by Matthew C. Godfrey
  8. “ONI’s Gallery of Naval Intelligence History” by Randy Carol Balano
  9. ERA to Activate “Increment 1”
  10. World War II Roberts Commission Records Now Filmed
  11. USHMM to Document the Exodus Story
  12. Making History
  1. Annual Conference Explores Current Challenges and Innovations in Federal History
  2. “President’s Message” by John W. Roberts
  3. SHFG Confers 2007 Awards
  4. “New History Program at Veterans Affairs” by Darlene Richardson
  5. “Liberty Memorial Gains Landmark Status — and More” by Mark Levitch
  6. Making History
  1. “The Coast Guard’s Hurricane Katrina Documentation Project” by Scott Price
  2. “President’s Message” by John W. Roberts
  3. “Hurricanes of 2005: The NPS Response” by Dan Pontbriand and Pam West
  4. “The Historical Profession and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial” by Richard Striner
  5. “In the Eye of the Storm: The Operations of the Joint Task Force Katrina History Group” by Lt. Col. Alan R Koenig, FA, USAR
  6. Making History
  1. “Donald Ritchie Delivers Hewlett Lecture at SHFG Annual Dinner” by Betty K. Koed
  2. “President’s Message” by John W. Roberts
  3. “From Information to Engagement: Online Resources for Educators From the National Archives” by Lee Ann Potter
  4. “Electronic Outreach at the National Museum of American History” by Amy Bartow–Melia and Matthew MacArthur
  5. “Educational Outreach Programs at the Office of NIH History” by Sara A. Leavitt
  6. “Give the People What They Want: Using the Internet to Inform the Public” by Beth Boland
  7. Making History
  1. “Creating “Evidence,” A Permanent Exhibit for the NMAI” by Paul Chaat Smith
  2. “President’s Message” by John W. Roberts
  3. “Churchill and the Great Republic: The Development of an Award–winning Interactive” by Betsy Nahum-Miller
  4. “What Will Happen on December 31, 2006?” by James David
  5. “Targeted Assistance: NARA Partnerships for Effective Records Management” by Galen Wilson
  6. Personnel Matters
  7. “Total Pay Compensation (TPC) at NGA” by Mike McManus
  8. “Consider the Federal Career Intern Program” by Richard W. Stewart
  9. Making History
  1. Plenary Sessions on New Programs, Impact of Katrina Highlight 2006 SHFG Conference
  2. “President’s Message” by Donald P. Steury
  3. “From Apartheid to Democracy” by Tony Clark
  4. Publications Program of the Center for Cryptologic History
  5. History Associates Incorporated Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  6. SHFG Announces 2006 Prize Winners
  7. Making History
  1. “Contracting for NASA’s History: Successes and Challenges” by Roger D. Launius
  2. “President’s Message” by Donald P. Steury
  3. “Victoria Harden Retires” by Sarah A. Leavitt
  4. “The Basics of Historical Contracting” by William C. Baldwin
  5. “R & D Associates — A Contractor’s View” by Donita M. Moorhus
  6. Making History
  1. “Allen Weinstein Delivers Hewlett Lecture at SHFG Dinner” by John W. Roberts
  2. “President’s Message” by Donald P. Steury
  3. “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Office of History Since 9/11” by John Lonnquest
  4. “The New Frontier of Research in Congressional Papers” by Raymond Smock
  5. “The Office of the Historian, Department of State: Reaching Out to New and Old Audiences” by David A. Herschler and Kristin L. Ahlberg
  6. “National Cemetery Administration Builds a History Program” by Sara Amy Leach
  7. “House of Representatives Office of History and Preservation” by Matt Wasniewski
  8. Making History
  1. “The Foreign Relations of the United States Series” by Edward C. Keefer
  2. “President’s Message” by Donald P. Steury
  3. “Publishing at the U.S. Army Center of Military History” by Jeffrey Clarke
  4. “Voices of War: Stories of Service” by Tom Wiener
  5. “CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship” by Antoinette J. Lee
  6. “From Public History to Published Product” by Timothy Davis
  7. “Writing Mind, Brain, Body, and Behavior: A Group Effort” by Victoria A. Harden and Caroline Hannaway
  8. “A Close Relationship: The Modern Civil Rights Movement and the Federal Government” by Walter B. Hill, Jr.
  9. “Oral History and the First Black Midshipman” by Robert Schneller
  10. “Federal Historians in a Contract Setting: The HAI Approach” by Kenneth Durr
  11. Making History
  1. Annual Conference Highlights Oral History
  2. “President’s Corner” by Suzanne White Junod
  3. Preparing the Next Generation of Federal Historians: Proposals for Partnerships
  4. “Between Universities and SHFG” by Laura Croghan Kamoie
  5. Allen Weinstein Becomes Ninth Archivist of the United States
  6. “The United States Special Operations Command’s Operational Archive and the War on Terrorism” by Gaea Levy
  7. “The United States Special Operations Command’s History Office and the War on Terrorism” by John W. Partin
  8. “The Joint History Office: 9/11 and After” by Brig. Gen. David A. Armstrong (Ret.)
  9. “Busy Days for the Air Force History Program” by C. Richard Anderegg
  10. “Reflections from the U.S. Naval Historical Center on the 9/11 Attack” by Gary E. Weir
  11. Making History
    Issue Theme: Federal History Since 9/11

  1. “The Army Historical Program and 9/11” by BG John Brown (Ret)
  2. “President’s Message” by Suzanne White Junod
  3. “Grace Under Pressure: The Senate in September and October 2001” by Donald A. Ritchie and Betty K. Koed
  4. Espionage History is Subject of Annual Hewlett Lecture
  5. Society Hosts Its Annual Holiday Reception
  6. Establishment of the DHS History Office
  7. “Life After 9/11: U.S. Marine Corps History and Museums Division” by COL Jon T. Hoffman, USMCR
  8. ““The Price of Freedom” Exhibition Opens” by David Allison
  9. “NARA’s Records of Concern Policy” by Steven D. Tilley
  10. “9/11 Commission Records Transferred to NARA” by Robert Spangler
  11. “Postmodern War?” by Alex Roland
  12. Making History
    Issue Theme: Remembering World War II

  1. “Making History on the National Mall: The National World War II Memorial” by James I. Deutsch
  2. “President’s Corner” by Suzanne White Junod
  3. “Collecting and Telling the Untold Stories of “Rosie the Riveters”” by Judy Hart
  4. “New NARA World War II Databases” by Lee Gladwin
  5. “NARA’s World War II Photographic Collection” by Edward McCarter
  6. “Veterans Oral History Project” by Sarah Dashiell Rouse
  7. “The President and the Prosecutor: Rethinking Executive Autonomy, 1973–1999” by Maeve Devoy
  8. “From Game Bird Management to Endangered Species Protection: The National Wildlife Refuge System, 1920–1973” by Mchael Giese
  9. Clinton Library and Museum to Open
  10. Making History
  1. Annual Meeting Reviews Federal History Programs
  2. “President’s Message” by Roger D. Launius
  3. 2004 Annual Prize Awards
  4. Allen Weinstein Nominated as Archivist
  5. DHS Seeks Contract Historians
  6. “History Office Profile: An Interview with NASA Chef Historian Steven J. Dick” by Benjamin Guterman
  7. U.S. Army Military History Institute to Open New Facility
  8. David van Kueren Mourned
  9. IWG Announces Release of Records
  10. Civil War Specialist Mike Musick Retires
  11. Lincoln Symposium
  12. Making History
  1. Brent Glass Delivers Annual Hewlett Lecture
  2. “President’s Message” by Roger D. Launius
  3. “The Society for History in the Federal Government: Twenty–five Years Later” by Philip L. Cantelon
  4. PHS Historian John Parascandola Retires
  5. SHFG Set to Publish 4th Volume of Occasional Papers Series
  6. SHFG Expresses Thanks to Extraordinary Donors
  7. “McCarthy and McCarthyism” by Donald A Ritchie
  8. “2004–05 Marks Centennial of National Park Service Museums” by Ann Hitchcock
  9. Society Hosts Receptions
  10. Making History
  11. Executive Council Approves Slate of Candidates

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